COLTs in Kona

To compete in the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii is the pinnacle of every triathlete’s career. Since 2008 COLT has been well represented on the Big Island with both Richard Mason and John Knapp qualifying on multiple occasions (John qualified one year but was unable to take part due to illness). Interestingly, only one COLT woman has ever qualified and that was Nikki Marshall in 2014 (just don’t remind Jenny Evans-Hill who would have qualified in 2016 had she gone to the roll down ceremony).

2008 – John Knapp


2010- John Carr, John Knapp

2011- Chris Wild, Richard Mason

2012- Dan McParland, Richard Mason, John Knapp


2014- John Towse, Nikki Marshall




COLT Club Captain in Kona 2011