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Austrian racing


Paul Smith Kitzbuhel ETU Standard Distance Championships 15/05/2017 Triathlon Finally, after a friendly nudge from John Sutton, here is my race report from Kitzbuhel. It was a delight to return to the Tyrol region of Austria as it is absolutely stunning out there, though this time I’m a little relieved to be only racing the […]

Leeds – The Wrong Wave


Katie Shrine Columbia Threadneedle World Triathlon Leeds 11/06/2017 Triathlon I decided I shouldn’t waste all the winter training that I’d done and should enter at least one triathlon this year, but which one? I really wanted to go and watch the Brownlees race in Leeds but asking the grandparents to look after the kids so […]

Oldie COLT on the World stage

Leeds - a great place to do triathlon

Nigel Neil Columbia Threadneedle Wold Triathlon Leeds Standard Distance 11/06/2017 Triathlon Gulp, what have I done? That was my first thought last November when I registered for the Leeds event of the World Triathlon Series, on the Brownlees’ home turf. For those who don’t know me, I’m that old asthmatic bloke plodding along at the […]

DEVA- can I qualify?? Not yet!!!!!


Brett Fletcher Chester Deva Triathlon 04/06/2017 Triathlon Thought it was time to write a report as I’ve been slacking a little :-)) The Aim was to qualify for Rotterdam World Champs 2017….from the title you may have guessed…..it didn’t happen. At this point is wasn’t a realistic aim as speed work has only just started […]

Racing in Chester


Paul Smith Deva Triathlon 04/06/2017 Triathlon This was the first of the qualifiers for the ITU Age Group finals in Rotterdam, which is my season goal, and was therefore one of my priority races. To make things easier on race day, I registered the day before and stayed over in Chester which also gave me […]

Southport race report


Paul Smith Southport Standard Triathlon 21/04/2017 Triathlon Having done this race last year and enjoyed it, I thought it would be a good early season race and good prep for one of my priority races in 2 weeks, the Deva in Chester. I like to reduce stress as much as possible so registered the day […]