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Brutal: Synonyms

Radical Road

Simon Vaukins Ultra Tour of Edinburgh 22/10/2017 Ultramarathon Savage, Cruel, Bloodthirsty, Vicious, Ferocious, Barbaric, Mist, mud, headwinds and steep descents. Barbarous, Wicked, Murderous, Cold-blooded, Harsh; 55k with over 3000 feet of ascent. Through streets, alleyways, onto hills, up crags, past monuments, museums and seats of Royalty, says the website. Ruthless, Callous, Heartless, Merciless, Pitiless, Remorseless, […]

A grand day out in Edinburgh


Nigel Neil IM 70.3 Edinburgh 02/07/2017 Triathlon After a few disappointing outings over the past couple of years, I am chuffed as punch to say that – by my standards – IM70.3 Edinburgh went amazingly well, thank you. But it was oh so close to being a complete wash out ! The stats: I finished […]