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This page is for adding details of your favourite running and riding routes, swim venues, caf├ęs and pubs etc.

Route Database

Add a running route, favourite bike ride or open water swim venue to our database.
  • This will not be published on the post, it is just in case we need to clarify or check any details uploaded.
  • Consider objective difficulties, dangers and length of route when considering the degree of challenge. For example, Hardknott Pass might be a short ride but would be very challenging. Don't tick for cafes and pubs etc. 1 star = Suitable for beginners or a short training session. 2 stars = More challenging or for sessions up to 3 hours. 3 stars = Very challenging or for longer training sessions.
  • Copy and paste a link to a Strava Route, other route builder or Google Map (if the latter, shorten the link first).
  • Describe your route in 280 characters or less!
  • For navigation tips, decent cafes and shops en route or warning of specific difficulties.
  • Add an image taken on your route. Make sure no copyright exists in any image uploaded.
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