Heysham Thursday Swims Moved to 3-1-5

Due to maintenance and refurbishment at Heysham Pool owing to the transfer of ownership of the facility, COLT’s Thursday night swim sessions have been moved to 3-1-5 Health Club on Wednesday nights from 8:30 to 9:30pm. The sessions will not be coached by Ronnie but will be staffed by a combination of Chris Wild, Jenny Evans or a session posted on the board depending on who is available.

COLTs who are members of 3-1-5 may swim free of charge. COLTS who are not members of 3-1-5 will need to join 3-1-5 as a social member, then pay £3 on entry for each session.

We hope to be back at Heysham as soon as possible.


One Response to “Heysham Thursday Swims Moved to 3-1-5”

  1. Thanks for this update John.
    Note –
    1st Wednesday 3-1-5 Swim Session is:
    Wednesday 11th October 20:30>21:30
    Chris Wild will be delivering an awesome set of warm up/ drills / main fitness / cool down.
    All Welcome.
    Fins, paddles & pull buoy useful although not essential.


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