COLTs in Bolton

Jenny Evans-Hill with a well deserved medal

24 COLTs were lining up on the startline for the 9th Ironman UK in Bolton. Slightly down on last years bumper crop, but a great turnout nevertheless. As anyone who has ever raced Bolton in COLT kit can attest, it’s a very special event for the club. Our supporters turn out in force on Babylon Lane aka COLT Alley making an epic amount of noise. The result is a massive wave of good feeling from all the racers who appreciate the support they get from the COLT and from extra support for our own as we speed, plod, struggle around. See you next year!

Some superb times were posted this year!

Dan McParland 10:08:24
John Marshall 10:30:25
Andy Ley 11:02:59
Chris Wild 11:06:08
Thomas Jones 11:23:40
Philip Watson 11:32:04
Stuart Douglas 11:32:34
Andrew Fellows 11:54:17
Jon Wallbank 12:03:10
Craig Peart 12:16:13
Jenny Evans-Hill 12:27:20
John Shannon 12:32:19
Mathew Clarkson 12:44:32
Ian Probert 13:25:51
Billy Winn 13:39:24
Gary Smith 13:39:32
Jen Hutton 13:50:22
Jon Cannon 13:54:47
John Sutton 14:19:33
Ben Whitaker 14:35:32

Ian Bailey was there in spirit!

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