Lazy Like Sunday Morning

Tom Oldham
Ribby Hall triathlon

If I was a car , I would be a Lancia. No, bear with me a minute! You see, like the Lancia, was considered by some ( well, mum ) for a short window of time in the mid eighties to be fast and stylish, but now looking distinctly tired and dated. An engine that is decent, considering substandard care and maintainance, but the body work held together with tape and repeated paint jobs. No longer considered up to long journeys ( I have, alas, relinquished my outlaw half place following my winter travails ) but ok for a run out on a Sunday morning. Before I flog this metaphor to death, what I am trying to say, is that I am only doing sprints this year.

So to the matter in hand, the first of the Fylde Trilogy sprints , held last weekend at the “holiday village” Ribby Hall…that curious mix of caravans and leisurewear, high tech sportswear sales alongside beers and burgers, that theatre of dreams, that venue of legends, that monument to endeavour….( steady on, Ed! )
Registration and racking unhurried and stress free , due to my usual paranoia leading to me arriving about three hours early. Time enough to watch competitors already on the course. Charlie Satterly storming through transition with enough puff to shout out to me: clearly not working hard enough!! ( only joking, mate ).

Slipping on the cherished black and white tri suit I feel ten feet tall….at least until I remember I have to swim. I long for the day when the prospect doesn’t fill me with dread. However, it goes ok ( for me ) and I negotiate the sixteen lengths in 7:56 , which is ok. Jogging into transition, I remember that this will be the first time I have sat on my aero time trial bike since I slipped my disc last June: will I be able to ” get on down “, and, more importantly, will I be able to get up again?? There is nothing like a thorough preparation for a race, and this has been nothing like etc etc

I manage to creak into place, and the route is fairly pleasant: a jaunt out along country lanes to Lytham ( posh Blackpool ) and back . Plenty of spring nature…ducks , lambs, and a baby fox, which would have been nice if it hadn’t been squashed on the road. It looked how I imagine Basil Brush would look without Mr Roy’s hand up his backside.

Back in reasonable time, and thankfully able to stand up straight enough to shuffle out of transition onto the run. The run is a two lap affair with a roundabout at the end of lap one/ end of race. This has become the gathering point for all supporters and those that have finished, so while not quite COLT alley, there is a really good atmosphere, generated not least by the sizeable BATS ( Blackpool aquatics Tri Club ) contingent. I am very grateful for the generous shout outs of ” come on COLT” from this crowd. Amazing what a difference it makes to your energy levels. I later thank them, and they tell me it is the least they can do as COLTs are always so generous to everyone else in their support……proud to be a member of this great club. Reasonably happy with 20:16 for the 5k…… Slowly getting back to speed as the feet and ankle gradually improve.

Overall: time 58:07
Position. 21st out of 237 finishers
No over 50 category, but I think I was 4th of the old farts…

Fun morning, friendly atmosphere….and I feel confident that I will be quicker at St Anne’s……
Time to tinker with the engine and give the bodywork another polish, and refuel before then!

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