To road race or not – Blackpool Half

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Blackpool Half Marathon
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Those of you who know me know that I have only raced Ironman and off road running events for the past few years, oh and of course our lovely Lancaster Park Run when I can, but not sure I can say I race that while chatting with Kel and running with the dogs at the back.

So Sunday morning I was laying in bed at 7am after Jamie had set off running as usual early on a Sunday morning with the captain! Should I shouldn’t I? It didn’t have much going for it as I have not ran over 10 miles for a long time, I do no speed work and most of my training has been slow this year but I do enjoy running, I made the decision to go mainly because my youngest son was playing rugby at Fylde so I could run then try and get there to meet them, I had not read the race information, Jamie looked the start time up for me and I had also forgot to charge my Garmin so I was totally prepared oops! I managed to park up and jog to the start which so incredibly busy and no chance of getting to the loo before the race started, off we went North along the prom past the toilets at registration so here’s my chance or have a full bladder for 13 miles, so exiting the portaloo meant I was at the back of a very busy stretch of the promenade but we soon turned onto the road and headed south to the Pleasure Beach but the conditions were far from pleasurable. The wind was not too bad heading south but the sun came out for us and it was so warm. I felt ok but had no idea of my pace till I turned north past the Pleasure Beach and heard another runner shout my name and it was great to see Tony Jeffries next to me so I could gather some information about how fast we had been going, Tony said he thought he was running at 8:20 pace so that was good but I thought there was no way I could maintain that and heading North the wind was ridiculous! Next I saw the full marathoners joining us and spotted the lovely Danielle Burrows heading south and she was flying, she finished 3rd lady overall in the Marathon!! So with no idea of pace I went through a little patch where I thought I was slowing down and even started imagining that the prom was uphill up to Norbreck where the event turns back along the lower prom to the finish! The mile signs were totally in the wrong place and when I thought I was nearly at the finish I saw the 12 mile marker which was hideous as my lack of training was kicking in. Then I turned the corner and saw the finish line phew…..

I would thoroughly recommend this event to anyone I really enjoyed it, well supported and organised but I do prefer a few hills! I rushed off to a rugby game that was just finishing but thank you to Elaine Bow for letting me know via the COLT website that I was 3rd Lady Vet in 45-40 age group! Well done to Tony, Danielle and Elaine who also took part! Today my legs are fine but I have no idea why my left shoulder is killing me!


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  1. I’ll second your comments as I have done this race and it is well organised, flat and fast (though potentially very windy). Great time and result in a race which you hadn’t prepped for!


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