Results from Kendal and elsewhere

With so many COLTs racing at the Kendal sprint triathlon yesterday we were hoping for some good results. Sadly, none of the reprobates on the left seem able to add their results to the club database so we don’t know how they did, or even if they finished at all! Perhaps they should take a leaf out of Danny Rogerson’s book who won his age group and posted it it on the COLT website (or maybe they are just too ashamed to post theirs). Follow the link below for all the results posted so far. Shout outs also due to Melissa Parnell who was second in her age group and Lucy May who was third in hers.

COLT results from Kendal Sprint

Hopefully one or two of the Kendal racers will add their race reports here:

Elsewhere, Annette Quarry was running at the Blackpool half marathon where it’s rumoured that she finished third in her age group, but as the website is yet to be updated, we are none the wiser. 1:47:28 – great time!

Epic performances too from Tony (Gold) and Deborah (Silver) Terras at the Northwest Biathle (pictures below). Hopefully they too can add a race report so we can at least understand what a biathle is!

Allegedly Tom Oldham and Charlie Satterly were racing at Ribby Hall this weekend, but heck knows what happened to them.


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  1. Danny Rogerson April 24, 2017 at 1:38 pm

    An advantage of becoming an old b4$t4rd means that there aren’t many others, if any, in your AG


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