Cycling Training

We have cycling training sessions to suit riders of all abilities.


Most rides start and finish at 315 Health Club in Lancaster:

Saturday 7:00am or 8:00 am: A fast paced ride of 4 hours and above. (check Facebook)

Sunday 9:00am: moderate to easy (suitable for beginners – “no drop” policy) riding for 2-3 hours. (check Facebook)

Not able to ride at those times? Post on the club Facebook page when you want to go out and you may find a member who wants to join you.

Rides are free so come along and improve your riding skills, build up your fitness, explore the countryside and enjoy the social banter. Come along one Sunday morning and you’ll never want to have a lie in again.

Ride Guidelines

COLT want to encourage all members to join in one or more of the regular cycle rides. Without wanting to set out a whole series of rules and regulations we would appreciate people taking the time to read the following guidelines and bearing them in mind for their own and others safety…….

  • COLT encourage their members to become members of Triathlon England as this gives them many benefits including liability insurance.
  • Anybody who rides on the training rides does so at their own risk.
  • Every effort will be made by the leaders to ensure a safe ride & their advice & guidelines are there to help you , however this does not make them liable for anything that happens on the road & individuals are responsible for their own safety.
  • Please bring a puncture repair kit, mobile, money or some emergency plan to get home in the event of a problem.
  • Please ride in a group of similar ability.
  • Please obey the highway code & be courteous to other road users (if there’s any shouting & swearing at motorists to do, leave it to the ride leader).
  • When riding in close groups please stay off your tri bars.
  • Do not coast, speed up or stop suddenly when riding as a group especially when at the front.
  • All bikes must be in a roadworthy condition
  • Helmets must always be worn: no helmet – no ride with COLT.
  • Any type of bike is allowed on training rides (roadworthy) however, we are a triathlon club & the majority of us use road bikes (top tip they’re lighter & faster) if you ride a mountain bike, hybrid or penny-farthing you put yourself at a disadvantage & may struggle to keep up with the group .
  • We are a triathlon club & the rides try to cater for differing abilities but they are intended to make you sweat & get out of breath .